Excellence in Product Development

SoleNet provides engineering services in a variety of areas under flexible contract terms to meet your needs. Regardless of where you are in the development cycle, we can help you in the following designs:

Experience the SoleNet Advantage:

  • SoleNet works with our customers from the early "back of the envelope" conceptual phase, through detail electrical design, all the way to production phase beta testing and qualification.
  • The SoleNet team provides a one-stop solution including feasibility study, system analysis, electrical and mechanical designs and transition to production.
  • SoleNet engineers are highly experienced in designing multi-layer electronics boards, complex yet efficient FPGA and CPLD devices and mechanical enclosures.
  • SoleNet provides a tightly integrated team that has worked together on many successful development projects. The team provides rapid design cycles and turnaround times.
How We Work:
  • The SoleNet engineers are trained to work in an ISO9001 environment.
  • The SoleNet engineering team is highly process-oriented. Each step in the engineering process is documented and put under revision control: System analysis, MTBF analysis, electronics hardware design, FPGA and CPLD design. The team precisely and closely follows Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Testability (DFT) guidelines.
  • Excellent documentation skills.
  • SoleNet's proven design process will be directly applied to, or modified to match your development project.