Excellence in Product Develpment

SoleNet engineers excel in their designs of carrier-class telecom equipment. Our designs have been tested and deployed in the field. To name some examples: M13 and STS-1 multiplexer designs for NEC eLuminant Technologies.

We offer complete design solutions consisting of board, FPGA, software and mechanical development. You can benefit from our years of experience in the telecom industry throughout the product development cycle, from requirement definition to beta testing in the field.

We have designed products with the following types of interfaces:

  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
  • OC-3
  • OC-12
  • STS-1
  • DS3
  • DS1
  • E1

Our designs have met the requirements of the following standards:

  • NEBS Level III
  • FCC Parts 68, 15A and 15B
  • GR-1089 Telecom, Safety, EMI/EMC
  • GR-63 Environmental
  • Telcordia NMA
  • UL 1950
  • GR-820 MIBs
  • GR-499 TDM
  • GR-253 SONET
  • GR-833 TL1
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • ITU G.703
  • ATM


SoleNet team members have many years of experience in designing data communication equipment including:

  • C, Ku and Ka band Satellite based data communication systems. Our expertise includes:

  1. Satellite digital modem design (m-PSK, MSK, Duo-binary, etc.)
  2. System level design and simulation
  3. High-speed Digital Signal Processing in FPGA/PLD devices
  4. Synthesizer design

  • Cable Modem Infrastructure: Both head-end equipment and the consumer modems per DOCSIS, Euro-DOCSIS, DVB and Com21's proprietary ATM based system.