Excellence in Product Develpment

With our engineering expertise, broad knowledge of high speed wired networks, and extensive analysis capability, here are some of the areas in which the experienced SoleNet team can help:

  • Optimum system architecture for volume production, ease of manufacturing, and reliability.
  • Algorithm development.

  • System modeling and analysis using SystemView, MatLab, Verilog and PSpice.
  • Reliability and MTBF analysis.

So far we have successfully completed system design and analysis for:

  • Multi-spectral sensors using combination of DSP and FPGA devices.
  • Real time video processing systems including Visible NIR, IR and other type of sensors.

  • Reliability Analysis and MTBF calculations.
  • Smart antennas. 
  • ATM, TDM, IP and SONET interworking products. 
  • Delicate backplane designs.